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Stand Model and DescriptionPrice
Radique Audio Hand-Crafted Speaker Stands ($175-$245)Gorgeous speaker stands hand-crafted in Victoria, BC and skillfully assembled in Ottawa, come with very high strength wooden dowels and glue, no nails or screws for smooth surfaces.
Stands comes in three alluring finishes, Light Cherry, Dark Cherry, and Matte Black. (**Light Cherry are almost sold out. Single stand left only in black 8" **)
Matte Black: built with Solid Maple with an unobtrusive black matte finish
Cherry: built with gorgeous Figured Maple with a soft gloss finish allowing the beautiful patterns in the wood to shine through ( comes in Light/Dark finish)
Stands are available in 8” and 14” Heights. Speaker platforms on both versions measure 12” x 9” (capable of supporting a wide range of large or mid-size floor speakers, or smaller speakers for desktop applications). Speaker bases measure 14” x 12” for added stability.
Small quantity of single stands are also available, ideal for your Center speaker.
Orders can include the customer's choice of felt pads or vibration dampening hemi-spherical silicone pads with 3M self-adhesive, for top and bottom. Felt pads make it easy to slide the stands on hard surfaces, or to reposition speakers on top of the stands. Silicone pads require the stands or speakers be carefully lifted to be repositioned, but provide better sound isolation quality than the felt pads.
Spikes are not included with these stands, but could be added by our customers, should they so desire.
Stands are sold in pairs, include 5-Year warranty and listed prices are firm and include HST.
Black: 8": $175; 14": $195 Cherry: 8": $195; 14": $245
All models available; limited stock. Single stands also available - one in each finish.

Very Sturdy 33" MDF Speaker Stands w/ Cherry Wood TopsVery Sturdy 33" MDF Speaker Stands with Solid Pennsylvania Black Cherry Wood Platforms.

Speaker platforms measure 8.5" x 8.25", Bases measure 11.75" x 11.5" and have been mounted with high density felt feet, suitable for hardwood floor surfaces.

Asking $195 for these attractive and functional one of a kind speaker stands.

Atlantis 20" Metal Stands, Filled and weighing 25lb each!All-Metal 20" Atlantis Speaker Stands, Filled and weighing a substantial 25lb each.

Speaker Platforms measure 7.5" x 6.5", Bases are mounted on felt feet suitable for hardwood floors, and measure 12" x 10".

Asking $145 for these extremely sturdy (and heavy) speakers stands from Atlantis.

Heavy Duty 46" B&W VM1 Speaker StandsHeavy Duty 46" B&W VM1 Speaker Stands
Radique's Take: As usual, no half-measures from B&W here. These are likely the heaviest, most solidly constructed satellite speaker stands we have ever seen. Designed specifically for B&W's excellent VM1 speakers.
From B&W:
"46” Floor stand for VM1 with Brushed aluminum finish
With its elegant extruded aluminum stem and weighty cast iron base, this floor stand is the perfect partner to the VM1, raising it to the correct listening height. The speaker simply slots into the top of the stem, which also serves to hide the cable tidily. Even the terminals are covered from view."
Stands are attractively finished with clear lacquered aluminum stem and dark grey base and trim.
Asking just $145 for the pair, or bundle them with a pair of VM1's from us for just $95.

Single High End Dual Pillar 24.5" B&W Speaker StandSingle High End Dual Pillar 24.5" B&W Speaker Stand, extremely heavy, sturdy construction.
Boast 8" x 7" Speaker platform currently equipped with large, heavy rubber pads suitable for hardwood or ceramic floors. Will not budge with the weight of the stand and your speaker on it.
Stand base measure 11.75" x 9.5"
Asking just $125 for this single B&W Speaker stand. Perfect for your high quality center speaker.
Paradigm 30" All-Metal Speaker Stands S-30Paradigm S-30 S-Series Speaker Stands [s-30], priced and sold in pairs.
Steel/die-cast aluminum construction

Die-cast aluminum base with felt feet (safe for hard flooring surfaces)

Steel tube with internal cable channel.

Fillable for added stability

Solid steel plate with isolation pads (Speaker platform measures 5.5" x 5")

Retail for $250, asking just $125 for these mint condition stands.
Gorgeous 38" Paradigm Speaker Stands LS-303 Pairs Available. 1 Pair in Dark Grey. 2 Pairs in Light Grey.
When speakers are placed on a floor or against a wall, their sonic output becomes connected to your floor or walls. This results in sound that is muddy, distorted and lacking in clarity. This type of placement also causes sound to transfer from your audio/video furniture, as well as to other audio and home theater components, further reducing overall sonic performance. Not only does the speaker's sound suffer, but neighbors and other family members will as well. How? When the speaker's sound gets into floors and walls, others will hear it almost as loudly as you do.
The solution is to isolate your speakers from floors and walls, essentially disconnecting the speakers from your room. High-performance speaker stands are essential in any high-quality audio/home theater/gaming system. Paradigm speaker stands elevate and isolate speakers from floors and walls. Sound is clearer and cleaner with much better imaging and a greater sense of realism. For dramatically superior sound and unsurpassed value, look no further than Paradigm High Performance Stands.
The LS-30 Floorstanding Speaker Stands are ideal for use with a range of Paradigm Speakers. Designed to position speakers at ear level in a solidly constructed and elegant product, they ensure the best performance possible. Each 39-inch-tall speaker stand is made of a steel tube post with end cap and weighted die-cast aluminum base for increased stability and resonance control. Holes at the top of the center post and base allow for hidden wiring. Attractive, strong, and functional, these stands will complement any décor while providing an ideal mounting option for your treasured speakers.
These stands retail for $200 + tax.
3 Pairs Available. Asking just $110 per pair. All three pairs are in good cosmetic condition.

Tall, 41" MDF Speaker Stands with Metal Speaker PlatformsTall, 41" MDF Speaker Stands with Metal Speaker Platforms, suitable for bookshelf or satellite speakers.

Tall enough to reach over your high-backed furniture and provide optimal speaker positioning.

Feature 6" square speaker platforms (metal), and rear cable routing.

Bases measure 12" x 10.5" and have been mounted on felt feet, suitable for hardwood floors.

Asking just $95.
Mirage 32" OmniSat Stands$95.00
Definitive Technology Satellite Speaker Stands ProStand 600/800Definitive Technology ProStand 600/800 Speaker Stands
Pair of speaker stands designed for the Definitive Technology ProMonitor line of speakers, but compatible with a wide range of satellite speakers.
Engineered to place tweeters right at sitting-ear level
Ensures the perfect ProMonitor-level imaging and dynamic sound staging
Stable and unobtrusive, the ProStand 600/800 has a hidden wire guide inside its tube for a more professional look.
Heavy duty high tensile steel construction.
Stands measure 28.5" in height with speaker platforms measuring 2.5" Square.
Include removable 1" carpet spikes.
List price of $149 Canadian.

Paradigm 37.5" Satellite Speaker Stands LS-40Paradigm 37.5" LS-40 Satellite Speaker Stands. 2 Pairs Available, one in Black, one in Silver.
Originally made for the early Paradigm Cinema line of speakers, but thanks to a flexible mounting system, can be used with a wide range of satellite speakers.
Boast weighted platforms for excellent stability (currently mounted on felt feet), and concealed cable routing.
Asking $85 per pair for these Canadian made Satellite Speaker Stands from Paradigm.
Tannoy HTS-200 40" Black Metal Satellite Speaker Stands w/ Mounting Hardware$85.00

15" All-Metal Speaker Stands from Atlantis15" All-Metal Speaker Stands from Atlantis, Made in Canada
peaker platforms measure 7" square.

Stands are currently mounted on felt-feet, suitable for hard floor surfaces.

Optional 1" Carpet spikes can be included at no extra charge if desired.

Asking just $75 for these solidly constructed metal speaker stands.
MDF 12.25" Speaker Stands$75.00

Sturdy 16" MDF Speaker Stands with Metal PlatformsSturdy 16" MDF Speaker Stands with Metal Platforms
Speaker platforms measure 8" x 8". Bases measure 11.75" x 10.5"

Stands are mounted on felt feet suitable for hardwood floors.

Asking $75 for these very competent speaker stands

28" MDF Speaker StandsSolidly built MDF speaker stands measuring 28" in height, with 6" Square speaker platforms.
Bases measure 10.5" x 9.5" and include optional floor spikes.

Currently equipped with felt pads on base of stands, suitable for ceramic tile or hardwood flooring.

Asking $75 for the pair.

B-Tech 25" Black Satellite Speaker Stands$65.00
Award-Winning British B-Tech Speaker Stands, Silver (2 Prs Avl)In October 2003, the BT11 from B-Tech received the BEST BUY award from What Video.
With an adjustable height of 685mm - 1060mm (27ins - 41.75ins), the BT11/S is a speaker floor stand suitable for all types of home cinema speakers weighing up to 5Kg.

Designed with a unique, attractive, triangular-shaped, heavy weight diecast base (235mm x 235mm) it gives you the stability you need and curbs unwanted speaker vibration.

Supplied in black, the stand has a cable management system for concealed cable routing.

2 Pairs available, asking just $65 per pair, or buy both pairs for just $110
MDF 22" Black Speaker Stands$65.00
Sanus 37" Black Satellite Speaker Stands$65.00
Metal 39" Silver Satellite Speaker Stands with Circular Base$55.00
Metal Adjustable Silver Satellite Speaker Stands with Black Triangle Base$55.00
Silver Height adjustable Satellite Speaker Stands SP-141RHighly versatile, height adjustable stands (from 26" to 47") for your Satellite or small bookshelf speakers.
Speaker wire cord is routed through column for clean installation and attractive appearance
Suitable for speakers with M3 to M5 keyhole fixing or threaded inserts

Stands feature weighted base for stability.

Asking $55 for the pair.
MDF 23" Black Angled Speaker Stand (Single) Perfect for Center Speaker$45.00
Wooden 28" Black Speaker Stand with Square Bottom & Keyhole Slot-Mount$45.00
Metal 31" Black Speaker Stand with "H shaped" Base (Single)$35.00
Metal 35" Black Satellite Stand with Circle Base (Single)$35.00
Metal 29" Silver Satellite Stand with weird "Bulb" (Single)$25.00