Speaker Stands

35 Pairs of Speaker Stands Available

Last Update:

Stand Model and DescriptionPrice
Tannoy Arena Floor Stands in High Gloss Bronze (36" High)$325.00
Radique Audio Hand-Crafted Cherry Speaker Stands – Large (14" High)$245.00
Focal 35" Hop Stands (Compatible with Focal Sib XL Speakers)$195.00
MDF 43" Black Stands (16 lbs each, 6.5" x 5" platforms)$195.00
Radique Audio Hand-Crafted Black Speaker Stands – Large (14" High)$195.00
Radique Audio Hand-Crafted Cherry Speaker Stands – Small (8" High)$195.00
Radique Audio Hand-Crafted Black Speaker Stands – Small (8" High)$175.00
B&W VM1 46" Speaker Stands$145.00
Heavy 23" Speaker Stands$125.00
Metal 24" Speaker Stands with Wooden Triangular Base$125.00
Paradigm Silver Speaker Stands LS-30$110.00
All-Metal 28" - 48" Adjustable, Gripping Speaker Stands$95.00
B&W DM1800 14" Black Speaker Stands$95.00
Heavy, All-Metal Height Adjustable "Gripping" Stands$95.00
Mirage 32" OmniSat Stands$95.00
Target Audio 20" Speaker Stands T50, platforms 7.5" x 7.5"$95.00
Definitive Technology ProStand 600/800 29" Black Satellite Speaker Stands$85.00
Nuance 27" Black Metal Stands (Pi Base)$85.00
Paradigm LS-40 37.5" Black Satellite Speaker Stands$85.00
Paradigm LS-40 37.5" Silver Satellite Speaker Stands$85.00
Tannoy HTS-200 40" Black Metal Satellite Speaker Stands w/ Mounting Hardware$85.00
22" Premium MDF Speaker Stands w/ Metal Platforms$75.00
MDF 12.25" Speaker Stands$75.00
24.5" Custom Built Speaker Stands$65.00
B-Tech 25" Black Satellite Speaker Stands$65.00
B-Tech BT11 Adjustable Silver Satellite Speaker Stands$65.00
MDF 22" Black Speaker Stands$65.00
Pair of 10" Short Angled Stands, MDF$65.00
Sanus 37" Black Satellite Speaker Stands$65.00
Metal 39" Silver Satellite Speaker Stands with Circular Base$55.00
Metal Adjustable Silver Satellite Speaker Stands with Black Triangle Base$55.00
SP-141R Adjustable Silver Satellite Speaker Stands$55.00
MDF 23" Black Angled Speaker Stand (Single) Perfect for Center Speaker$45.00
Wooden 28" Black Speaker Stand with Square Bottom & Keyhole Slot-Mount$45.00
Metal 31" Black Speaker Stand with "H shaped" Base (Single)$35.00
Metal 35" Black Satellite Stand with Circle Base (Single)$35.00
Metal 29" Silver Satellite Stand with weird "Bulb" (Single)$25.00