Speaker Stands

27 Pairs of Speaker Stands Available

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Stand Model and DescriptionPrice
Radique Audio Hand-Crafted Cherry Speaker Stands – Large (14" High)$245.00
Radique Audio Hand-Crafted Black Speaker Stands – Large (14" High)$195.00
Radique Audio Hand-Crafted Cherry Speaker Stands – Small (8" High)$195.00
Radique Audio Hand-Crafted Black Speaker Stands – Small (8" High)$175.00
B&W VM1 46" Speaker Stands$145.00

Single High End Dual Pillar 24.5" B&W Speaker StandSingle High End Dual Pillar 24.5" B&W Speaker Stand, extremely heavy, sturdy construction.
Boast 8" x 7" Speaker platform currently equipped with large, heavy rubber pads suitable for hardwood or ceramic floors. Will not budge with the weight of the stand and your speaker on it.
Stand base measure 11.75" x 9.5"
Asking just $125 for this single B&W Speaker stand. Perfect for your high quality center speaker.
Paradigm 40" LS-25 Tempered Glass Base Speaker Stands$125.00
Paradigm Silver Speaker Stands LS-30$110.00
Mirage 32" OmniSat Stands$95.00

31.5" All Metal Athena Speaker Stands (2 Prs Avl)Very solid 31.5" all metal speaker stands, with heavy weighted bases, from Canadian speaker company, Athena.
Speaker platforms measure 5" x 3.25". Stands feature concealed cable routing and are highly stable, with bases measuring 12.75" x 8".

Stands have been mounted with felt feet, suitable for hard flooring surfaces.

Excellent choice for heavy satellite speakers or small high quality bookshelf speakers.

2 Pairs available. Asking $85 per pair.
Definitive Technology ProStand 600/800 29" Black Satellite Speaker Stands$85.00
Paradigm LS-40 37.5" Silver Satellite Speaker Stands$85.00
Tannoy HTS-200 40" Black Metal Satellite Speaker Stands w/ Mounting Hardware$85.00
15" All-Metal Speaker Stands from Atlantis, 7" Square bases$75.00
MDF 12.25" Speaker Stands$75.00
Sturdy 16" MDF Speaker Stands with Metal Platforms measuring 8" x 8". Bases measure 11.75" x 10.5"$75.00

28" MDF Speaker StandsSolidly built MDF speaker stands measuring 28" in height, with 6" Square speaker platforms.
Bases measure 10.5" x 9.5" and include optional floor spikes.

Currently equipped with felt pads on base of stands, suitable for ceramic tile or hardwood flooring.

Asking $75 for the pair.

24.5" Custom Built Speaker Stands$65.00
B-Tech 25" Black Satellite Speaker Stands$65.00
B-Tech BT11 Adjustable Silver Satellite Speaker Stands$65.00
MDF 22" Black Speaker Stands$65.00
Pair of 10" Short Angled Stands, MDF$65.00
Sanus 37" Black Satellite Speaker Stands$65.00
Metal 39" Silver Satellite Speaker Stands with Circular Base$55.00
Metal Adjustable Silver Satellite Speaker Stands with Black Triangle Base$55.00
SP-141R Adjustable Silver Satellite Speaker Stands$55.00
MDF 23" Black Angled Speaker Stand (Single) Perfect for Center Speaker$45.00
Wooden 28" Black Speaker Stand with Square Bottom & Keyhole Slot-Mount$45.00
Metal 31" Black Speaker Stand with "H shaped" Base (Single)$35.00
Metal 35" Black Satellite Stand with Circle Base (Single)$35.00
Metal 29" Silver Satellite Stand with weird "Bulb" (Single)$25.00