Stereo Amps / Receivers

47 Stereo Amps Available

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Model - Stereo ReceiversDescriptionPrice
Marantz 2285BCherry and Silver, 94 WPC$2,995.00
Arcam SoloSilver, All-In-One (CD, amp, tuner) with manual and remote$795.00
Marantz ARCH 2.0Lights, CD, Tuner, All-In-One Stereo System, w/Remote$595.00
Marantz 151515 WPC$495.00
NAD C 725BEEBlack, 50 WPC with Sub Pre-Out$445.00
NAD C 740Grey, 35 WPC Stereo receiver with NAD remote and printed manual$345.00
Sony STR-V5555 WPC with Phono$345.00
NAD 7020Brown, 20 WPC with Phono$295.00
Nakamichi RE-2Black, 55 WPC$295.00
Rotel RX-950AX MKIIBlack, 50 WPC with Phono$295.00
NAD 7030Black and gold, 30 WPC with Phono$275.00
Denon DRA-435RBlack, 55 WPC, with Phono and Remote$245.00
Marantz PM110Stereo Receiver and Equalizer, with Remote and Phono$245.00
Fisher RS-914Black, 120 WPC w/ Phono, 5-Band EQ$225.00
Yamaha R-7Black, 65 WPC with Phono$225.00
Harman Kardon HK3350Black, 30 WPC$195.00
Kenwood AR-404Black, 100 WPC with Phono and Sub Pre-Out$195.00
Phillips FR951P BK01Black, 100 WPC Stereo Receiver with Phono$195.00
Sony STR-VX750Silver, 70 WPC with Phono$195.00
Denon DRA-297Black, 50 WPC with Sub Pre-Out$175.00
Onkyo TX-28Black, 45 WPC with Phono$175.00
Denon DRA-35VBlack, 40 WPC$145.00
Onkyo TX-26Black, 38 WPC with Phono$145.00
Sony STR-AV570Black, 70 WPC with Phono$145.00
Sony STR-VX33Silver, 40 WPC with Phono$145.00
Pioneer VSX-452Black, 80 WPC Stereo with Phono$125.00
Sony STR-D511Black, 55 WPC Stereo Receiver with Phono$125.00
Yamaha RX-300UBlack, 33 WPC with Phono$125.00
Scott RS 250Black, 25 WPC with Phono, no display for tuner$95.00
Model - Integrated AmpsDescriptionPrice
Harman Kardon HK6150Black, 30 WPC Integrated Amp$195.00
Pioneer A-X700Black, 45 WPC Integrated Amp with Phono$195.00
Sansui A-700Black, 55 WPC with Phono$195.00
LXI Series AM4002Black, 100 WPC with phono, Stereo Amp$145.00
Sony TA-AX220Black, 40 WPC with Phono$125.00
Technics SU-X302Black, 40 WPC Integrated Amp with Phono$125.00
Brendell BR-201ABlack and silver, 5.1 CH AV Surround Integrated Amp$45.00
Model - Power AmpsDescriptionPrice
Dynaco ST-410200 WPC, 2-Channel$695.00
LINN LK 2Black, 60 WPC$695.00
Hafler DH-120Black, 60 WPC$395.00
Nikko Alpha 230Black, 120 WPC Power Amp, Headphone Output$395.00
Model - Pre AmpsDescriptionPrice
LINN LK 1Black, Pre-Amp, Dual Phono and Remote$595.00
Topping DX7sDAC / Preamplifier / Headphone Amp$495.00
Marantz AV600Black, Tuner and Pre-Amp$395.00
Rotel RSP-980Black, Surround Processor & Pre-Amp, 5.1 with Sub Out$395.00
Pioneer SP-99D$345.00
SAE MARK XXX (Mark 30)Silver, 120 V with Phono$295.00
LINN LK1 & LINN LK2LK1 Pre-Amp with Dual Phono, and LK2 Power Amp with 60 WPC$1,195.00
Blaupunkdt A-60 & T-60A-60 Integrated Amp 20 WPC into 4 Ohms, and T-60 with Phono$395.00