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Pair of 7.5' MITerminator 5 Speaker Cables w/ RA banana plugsPreviously enjoyed pair of 7.5' MITerminator 5 Speaker Interface Cables. Fully tested and excellent working condition. Includes 4 pairs of new premium Radique Audio Banana Plugs (value $60.00).
What makes the MITerminator5 Speaker Cable truly exceptional?
Proprietary MITerminator5 Conductor Geometry: Featuring 12 individually insulated solid-core copper conductors, arranged in a hybrid-braid/twist configuration for optimized audio transmission and reduced interference.
Ultra-High-Purity OCC Copper: Our MITerminator5 Speaker Cable uses oxygen-free copper with an astonishing 99.9999% purity level, ensuring exceptional signal clarity and accuracy.
Advanced Dielectric Insulation: Each conductor is enclosed in a dense, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) insulation layer, reducing dielectric constant for superior signal transfer.
Patented MITerminator5 Connector Design: Employing a multi-point pressure-locking mechanism for a secure, uninterrupted connection to your audio equipment.
High-Precision Gauge and Twisting Ratio: Engineered with a 12 AWG (American Wire Gauge) conductor gauge and a carefully calculated twisting ratio, resulting in a reduced noise floor and increased resolution for an immersive listening experience.
Air-Foam Damping System: MITerminator5 Speaker Cable combines a viscoelastic air-foam damping material with an ultra-high-density spiral wrap, ensuring maximum mechanical damping and vibration reduction.
Superior Shielding and Grounding: these cables features a dual-layer, 100% coverage shielding system, integrating a combination of aluminized mylar and copper braid to eliminate EMI and RFI interference.
Experience the ultimate in sound quality and reliability with the MITerminator5 Speaker Cable. Dive into your favorite audio tracks and rediscover the subtle details, extended dynamic range, and astonishing clarity that have been waiting for you all along.
Pair of 3m Van den Hul Skyline Hybrid Speaker Cables$145.00
Pair of 6' Canare 4S11 Bi-Wire Speaker Cables (P/B)$125.00

Pair 8' of Ultralink 14/4 Speaker wires, Bi-WiredPair 8' of Ultralink 14/4 Professional Grade Speaker wires, Bi-Wired with Radique Audio Banana Plugs.

Double Jacket wire is plenum rated, also ideal to run discretely along baseboards.

Asking just $95 for the pair of good quality Ultralink speaker wires, bi-wired with a total of 6 pairs of brand new Radique Audio Banana Plugs

Pair of 4' Ultralink Excelsior 2.4 Bi-Wire Speaker Cables$95.00
12' Monster Standard S14 AWG Wires w/ RA pins & banana plugsPreviously enjoyed 12' Monster Standard S14 AWG Wires.Fully tested and in good working condition. Comes complete with 2 pairs of new premium Radique Audio Pin Connectors and 2 pairs of new premium Radique Audio Banana Plugs (value $60).
Monster's S14 speaker wire is designed with advanced technology to deliver high-quality sound for home theater systems. This speaker wire is precision-stranded, which means that it is made up of many thin strands of copper wire that are tightly wound together. This design helps to reduce signal loss and resistance, allowing for clearer and more detailed sound.
The S14 speaker wire features Monster's EZ Strip Jacket, which is a patented design that makes it easy to strip the insulation from the wire without damaging the delicate strands underneath. This is particularly useful for DIY installations, where stripping the insulation can be a challenging and time-consuming process.
With a 14-gauge thickness, the S14 speaker wire is suitable for a wide range of stereo installations.. A thicker gauge wire like 14-gauge can handle more power and provide better sound quality than thinner wires, which makes it an excellent choice for high-performance audio systems.
The Monster S14 speaker wire is also designed to provide tighter, deeper bass, greater clarity, better imaging, and cleaner highs. This means that you can expect a more immersive and engaging listening experience, whether you're watching movies or listening to music.
Finally, the S14 speaker wire comes in a 12-foot length, which should be sufficient for most installations.
Pair of 10' 14 AWG Monster XP Speaker wires w/ Pins & Plugs$75.00
Pair of 7' Bullz Audio Platinum 12 AWG Bi-Wired Cables$75.00

Pair of Neotech 16' Ultra Pure Flat Speaker Cables NES-5011Pair of Neotech 16' Ultra Pure Flat Speaker Cables, Uni-Directional with banana plugs
Neotech NES-5011 speaker cable is made from OP-OFC ultra-pure oxygen-free copper and is designed for compact installation due to its flat construction and thickness only of 2.3 mm. This cable can be glued to the wall, run under the table, along the leg of the table, along the baseboard - wherever you need a flat cable. Neotech 5011 cable cross-section will be sufficient to connect bookshelf speakers, rear channels and a central channel in a home theater or even big floor-standing speakers. Due to its minimal thickness you can lay it to the rear speakers not along the wall (around the perimeter of the room), but directly from the receiver in the center of the room at the shortest ways, saving a few meters of cable. If the cable is located under the carpet it becomes not visible.
Type: stereo pair (single-wire) with banana plugs
Cable length: 5m / 16ft.
Neotech NES-5011 UP-OFC speaker cable
Conductor section: 2.0 mm² / 14awg.
Conductor material: Ultra Pure Copper UP-OFC.
Cable dimensions: 13 mm * 2.3 mm
Sheath: PVC.
Asking just $75 for these good quality, "Ultra Pure" 14 AWG Flat Speaker cables from Neotech.
Pair of 10' RocketFish 16 AWG Wires, with RA Banana Plugs (B/B)$70.00
Pair of 6' Monster XP 16 AWG Wires, with RA Banana Plugs (B/B)$65.00

Pair of 3' 12 AWG Radique Speaker wires with Banana PlugsPair of 3' (~1m) 12 AWG Colour Coordinated Radique Speaker wires with Banana Plugs

Just produced for a customer who needed to switch to something longer.

These brand new 3' speaker cables are colour coordinated with our Radique Audio Banana Plugs at both ends, to allow for easy polarity matching. They have light reinforcement via shrink tubing at both ends and at the split, for added durability.

Asking just $55 for these attractive, brand new speaker wires equipped with our high quality Radique Audio Banana Plugs.
8 Foot 8K HDMI Cable$35.00
Pair of 7' PrimeCables E320951 14 AWG with Nakamichi Plugs$30.00