Cassette Decks 

18 Cassette Decks Available

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Model - Double WellDescriptionPrice
Harman Kardon DC5500Black with Auto Reverse, Isotropic head, Original Remote$495.00
JVC TD-W505Black, with Auto Reverse$145.00
Technics RS-TR313Black with Auto Reverse$125.00
Sherwood DD-2040Black with Auto Reverse$95.00
Technics RS-TR210Black with Auto Reverse on Deck 2$95.00
Kenwood KX-68WBlack$75.00
Nikko ND40WBlack$75.00
Sony TC-W310Black$75.00
Technics RS-T16Black Deck A works nicely, issues w/ Deck B$25.00
Model - Single WellDescriptionPrice
Blaupunkt Micronic C-60Silver, Heavy High End German Small Form Factor, Love this one!$195.00
Harman Kardon HK200XMSilver, Dolby B and HX-Pro. Retailed new for $350 USD$145.00
Harman Kardon TD212Black, Dolby B and C. Retailed new for $300 USD$125.00
TEAC V-66CSilver, Dolby B and C. Retailed new for $280 USD$125.00
Akai GX-F31Silver, Nice Quality Dolby B and C, Retailed new for $300 USD$95.00
Luxman K-100Black, Dolby B and C. Retailed new for $250 USD$95.00
Sansui D-90Black, Late 70's Made in Japan$95.00
Luxman K-113Silver Dolby B, Full Logic (requires a little patience)$45.00
JVC KD-D40Silver. High End, Heavy unit, nice meters, distorts when warmed up, selling as is.$15.00