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9 DVD Players Available

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Model - DVD PlayerDescriptionPrice
Rotel RDV-995Black, plays CDR's, has loud mechanisms with original remote$145.00
Pioneer DV-C503Black, reads CDR's, with universal remote$125.00
Marantz DV4300Black, plays CDR's$95.00
Panasonic DVD-S35Black, plays CDR's, with original remote$55.00
Insignia NS-FSDVDBlack, plays CDRs, with original remote$35.00
Panasonic DVD-RV30Black, plays CDR's$35.00
Magnavox MWD-7006Silver, only plays DVDs$25.00
Samsung DVD-M101Black, plays CDR's$25.00
Lite-On DD-A300GXSilver, plays CDRs, Door sometimes sticks$15.00
Model - VHSDescriptionPrice
Panasonic PV-3721-KBlack, VHS Player$65.00