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Model - Digital TunersDescriptionPrice
Harman Kardon TU9600Black$195.00
Yamaha TX-930Black$195.00
Yamaha TX-492Black$145.00

NAD Quality AM/FM Stereo Tuner w/ very good Reception 4125The NAD 4125 AM/FM Stereo tuner pulls in stations with impressive ease and has a smooth, warm sound.
It has presets for 10 stored stations as well as a search mode. The other features are FM Mute (blocks out noise between stations when tuning and stations that are too weak to pick up without distortion) and DYN SEP - dynamic stereo separation which reduces the background noise of weaker FM stations. Both features are defeatable.
Details: AM/FM Stereo tuner, made in Japan
On the front:
A grand total of 14 buttons: a power button, a group of four buttons (FM MUTE / MONO / DYN SEP DEFEAT / AM FM), 5 preset buttons numbered 1 to 5, two buttons for cursor with a left/right arrow, an enter button and an auto search button.
On the back: antenna connections: (FM: 75 Ohm, 300 Ohm, 300 Ohm) (G) (AM) and output: L/R.
Asking just $125 for this compact, NAD AM/FM Stereo tuner in very good condition.
Sansui T-900Black$125.00
Akai AT-A2Black$75.00
Kenwood KT-591Black$75.00
Technics ST-Z780Black$55.00
LXI Series TR-6023Silver$45.00
Nikko NT-40Black$45.00
Technics ST-G3Black$45.00
Technics ST-K50Black$45.00

Quality Technics AM/FM Stereo Tuner ST-K55This tuner offers a 30 AM/FM preset station memory and auto/manual tuning.
The K55 has the capability of tuning down to .5 increments for those hard to tune in stations. This tuner has remote control out on rear panel as well as one un-switched AC convenience outlet.

This is a great budget tuner. Pulls in even weaker stations crystal clear. This is one of the best digital tuners from Technics in this series.

Asking $45
Model - Analog TunersDescriptionPrice
AKAI AT-2650Black$145.00

Rotel AM/FM Stereo Tuner in Very Good Condition RT-830ARotel AM/FM Stereo Tuner in very good condition, tested and working nicely.
Features include:
Stereo Indicator
5 Level LED Signal Strength Indicator
FM Mute
AM Filter
Type: Mono/Stereo Tuner
Tuning Bands: FM, AM
Tuning Scale: Analogue
Sensitivity: 1.9uV (FM), 350uV (MW)
Signal to Noise Ratio: 73dB (FM), 60dB (MW)
Distortion: 0.3% (FM)
Selectivity: 60dB (FM), 35dB (MW)
Frequency response: 35Hz to 15kHz (FM)
Dimensions: 430 x 66 x 285mm, Weight: 3.1kg
Includes soft copy of manual in PDF.
Asking $145 for this very clean Rotel AM/FM Stereo tuner, tested and working well.
Audio Reflex ART-600$95.00
Aurex ST-335MK IIBlack$75.00
Pioneer TX-530Black$75.00