5 Turntables Available

Last Update: 05/20/2023

Turntable Brand & ModelDescription (Colour, BeltDriven or DirectDrive)Price
Technics SL-1310Black, Fully Automatic, Direct Drive$595.00
Technics SL-220Silver, Auto-Return, Belt Drive, Upgraded RCA Cable$345.00
Garrard DD130Charcoal Grey, Direct Drive, Fully Manual Made in England$245.00

Vintage Dual Belt Drive Semi-Automatic Turntable in Walnut 504Dual 504 belt drive semi-automatic turntable for sale. Made in Germany in the late 70s
It is in very good condition, with an attractive Walnut Cabinet.
Dust cover is now "lift off" style (no hinges) but is in good condition, free of cracks and scratches.
Tested thoroughly, all functions work and sound is excellent with full and deep range.
Drive: precision flat belt for flywheel drive
Motor: Dual 8-pole synchronous motor
Starting time: 2s to 33.33rpm
Platter: non-magnetic, dynamically balanced, detachable, 1.3kg, 304mm
Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm
Pitch control adjustment: 1 semitone (6%)
Speed control: with stroboscope for all speeds
Wow and flutter: +-0.09%
Rumble: >62dB
Tonearm: torsion-resistant tubular aluminum tonearm in four point gimbal bearing
Effective length: 221mm
Stylus pressure: 0-3g
Cartridge holder: removable for 1/2" cartridges from 5.5 to 10g
Adjustable overhang: 5mm
Includes copy of original manual in PDF.

Asking just $225 for this attractive, easy to use vintage Dual 504 turntable, made in Germany.
JVC AL-A151Black, Semi-Automatic, Belt Driven, New AT Stylus$145.00
BSR from 60'sFun looking turntable from the 60's. Great Entry Level Table.$45.00
Turntable AccessoriesPrice
Turntable Weights$55.00
Pyle Phono Turntable Amp$39.00