2 Turntables Available

Last Update: 07/04/2024

Turntable Brand & ModelDescription (Colour, BeltDriven or DirectDrive)Price

Technics Frequency Generator Servo Automatic Turntable SL-220Classic made in Japan Technics turntable, with new belt, good cartridge, and RCA Cables upgraded to Radique Audio Gold Series. Great sound, easy operation, and good looks. The Technics SL-220 is a two-speed, belt driven turntable system with static balanced S-type tonearm, clear strobe, separate pitch controls, and auto-return.
Type: auto turntable system
Drive method: belt drive
Motor: frequency generator servo dc motor
Platter: 304mm aluminum alloy diecast
Speeds: 33 and 45rpm
Pitch control: 6%
Wow and flutter: 0.045% WRMS
Rumble: -70dB
Tonearm: universal type tubular arm
Effective length: 230mm
Overhang: 15mm
Friction: within 7mg
Effective mass: 13g
Offset angle: 22 degrees
Stylus pressure range: 0 to 3g
Cartridge weight range: 5.5 to 8.5g
Headshell weight: 9g
Dimensions: 430 x 126 x 375mm, Weight: 4.5kg
Excellent opportunity to own a great looking and sounding vintage Technics Turntable in very good condition. Asking just $345 for this made in Japan classic.

Sansui Fully Automatic Linear Tracking Turntable P-L45Sansui Fully Automatic Direct Drive Linear Tracker Turntable
This Made in Japan Sansui has been freshly serviced and all functions are working perfectly.
This TT is an excellent choice for someone just getting into vinyl, very easy to use, great sound quality, and simple to maintain.
Type: direct drive
Speeds: 33 and 45rpm
Platter: 306mm, 0.75kg, aluminium alloy diecast
Motor: coreless and brushless dc/fg servo
Wow and flutter: 0.04% wrms
Signal to noise ratio: 72dB
Tonearm statically balanced type
Effective length: 140mm
Dimensions: 430 x 95 x 374mm, Weight: 5.6kg
Asking just $245 for this good quality vintage Sansui Linear Tracker, made in Japan, and freshly serviced. Includes soft copy of original service manual.
Turntable AccessoriesPrice
Turntable Weights$55.00
Pyle Phono Turntable Amp$39.00