Welcome to

Welcome to

After many years of false starts and near launches, we’ve finally gone live with the Radique Website. 

Thanks so much for tuning in!  If you’re one of the thousands of customers  who’ve received a Radique Business card over the years, we really appreciate your business, and hope that you’ll check in on us regularly as we strive to keep you posted on our news and products.  

Of course, we’ll also be cross-posting content on our various social media platforms.  Thanks Rosemary and Kay! 

If you’re interested in some of the joys and struggles of running a small business, be sure to check out the “Ramblings” section of our blog, where I intend to write about some of my personal experiences in Radique’s corner of the audio world.

Before I sign off on this inaugural blog post, I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to my wife Lovina, my business partner, La-Donna, the amazing Radique Team, and our fantastic customers.  Together, we are building something special, and I feel incredibly blessed.

Mark Habinski

Founder, Radique Inc. 

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