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Model - Active SubwoofersDescriptionPrice
NHT Ten10" Active, 150 Watts$395.00
PSB Image Subsonic 612" Active, 440 Watts (Peak)$395.00
Focal.JMlab Cub8" Active, 75 Watts (RMS)$295.00
Martin Logan MLT-2Sub10" Active, 120 Watt Amplifier (RMS) 360 Watt (Peak)$295.00
Mission FS1 6.18" Active, 100 Watts PPMS, Corner Sub$245.00
Sound Dynamics ASUB-1212" Active, 90 Watt Amplifier (RMS) 360 Watt (Peak)$245.00

Velodyne 150 Watt 10" Active Subwoofer VX-10BExcellent reviews on line for this 10" Forward Firing Velodyne with 150 Watt (Peak) integrated amplifier, and modern looking curved cabinet lines.
Sounds great, even at low volumes, and the Auto-on/off feature is a real convenience.
10" woofer (7.65" piston diameter)
Adjustable low pass crossover 50Hz to 200Hz
Forward-firing, rear-ported, bass-reflex cabinet
Class D efficient amplifier
Precision-machined voice coil gap and large 1.6" copper voice coil (2lb magnet).
Frequency response: 33Hz to 140Hz, ±3dB
Full-range speaker-level pass-through
0 to 180° phase
RCA line level, LFE, and speaker level inputs
Left and right speaker level full-range pass-through
Dimensions: Depth: 17", Height: 12", Width: 12", Weight 35lbs.
Definitely hard to go wrong with a Velodyne Sub. They are consistently good value and performance.
Asking just $245 for this great sounding Velodyne in very good condition.
Nuance S10010" Active, Down-Firing$225.00
D-BOX DAVID-302 *with different woofers12" Active, 100 Watt Amplifier (RMS), 300 Watts (Peak)$195.00
Mirage NanoSub8" Active, 75 Watt Amplifier, 300 Watts (Peak)$195.00

Paradigm 10" Active Subwoofer Cin 110CT Sub v3Recent model Paradigm 10" Active subwoofer in good condition.
Its built-in, advanced, high-power discrete amplifier provides high-current, low-distortion power. Advanced fiber-reinforced cone ensures clean, clear extended bass performance with tremendous output and superb control, while high-velocity low-noise ports with critically flared openings supply maximum output efficiency and minimal turbulence distortion. The Cinema 110 CT subwoofer’s high-density hardboard enclosure limits panel resonances for clean, tight bass performance.
Low Frequency Driver: 254-mm (10 in) fiber-reinforced cone, 51-mm (2 in) voice coil, oversized magnet
Built-in Amplifier rated at 150 Watt RMS / 450 Watt Peak output.
Control Facilities:
• Auto On, • Subwoofer Level, • Subwoofer Cut-Off Frequency (continuously variable 50 Hz – 200 Hz), • Subwoofer Phase Switch
Input Facilities:
• Line-level Input
Dimensions: HxWxD 16.25" × 12" × 15", Weights: 37lbs
Asking $195 for this 10" Paradigm Subwoofer in good condition.
Mirage BPS-1008" Active, 75 Watt Amplifier, 300 Watts (Peak)$175.00
PSB 8" Active Subwoofer, Made in Canada (2 Avl) Alpha SubZeroGreat-sounding powered 8" Subwoofer from PSB, made in Canada. 2 Available
This solid sub features a built-in 50 Watt RMS amplifier (180 Watt Peak) and Response bandwidth from 40 - 150 Hz.
Controls: Subwoofer cut frequency, Volume, Power on/off, Subwoofer phase
This subwoofer boasts both 1.0 x Audio line-in ( RCA phono x 2 ) and 2.0 x Speakers input ( Click-fit x 2 ) with gold plated connectors.
Dimensions: (WxDxH) 9.6 in x 13.9 in x 13.3 in, Weight: 21.4 lbs
MSRP of $399. Great deal at just $175 for this made in Canada subwoofer from PSB. 2 Available.
Athena M2258" Active, 75 Watt Amplifier (RMS), 225 Watt (Peak)$145.00

Energy 8" 200 Watt Active Subwoofer ESW-8An ideal combination of technology, performance and design, the Energy ESW-8 subwoofer affordably brings a deep, tuneful bottom end to home theater and two-channel music systems.
A bass-reflex design with a front-firing port, the ESW-8 employs an 8-inch MPP cone with patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround. This proprietary design eliminates surround distortion, enabling the subwoofer to play lower with greater output and fidelity. An efficient internal power amplifier enables this hard-hitter to deliver 200 watts of output for accurate, deep and powerful bass response. The ESW-8 features line and speaker level inputs as well as a variable low-pass filter for seamless blending with a wide variety of speakers, including Energy's C-Series and Take Series.
The subwoofer also has a power mode switch that enables it to turn on and off automatically, based on the presence or absence of an audio signal. In addition to reaching deeper and hitting harder, the ESW-8 features a classic black ash finish that fits comfortably into any living environment.
Single bass-reflex design subwoofer with front-firing port
8" MMP Cone with patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround technology
Power output: 200 Watts
Frequency Response: 33Hz-150Hz +/- 3dB
Inputs: Line In/Sub In and Speaker Level In
Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 12", Weight: 22.6 lbs.
Asking just $145 for this attractive, Canadian made subwoofer.
Harman Kardon SUB-TS1510" Active, 100 Watt Amplifier (RMS), 200 Watts (Peak)$145.00
Infinity TSS-110012" Active, 250 Watts$145.00
Infinity TSS-4508" Active, 100 Watt Amplifier (RMS)$145.00
Yamaha YST-SW120$145.00

Compact Athena 8" Downward Firing Subwoofer P.5This attractive Athena P.5 subwoofer is also a compact unit, measuring only 13.25"H x 10"W x 13.5"D.
Its sides are covered with stretched fabric and its top and rear panel sport a heavy-duty vinyl veneer. It employs a single 8" down-firing woofer. The back panel features a power switch, left and right high-level speaker inputs on spring clips, and a single line-level RCA input. A large flared port is located just below the front control panel, and large rubber feet are provided to raise the unit off of the floor to provide adequate clearance for the woofer. There is a 75W internal amplifier.
The P.5's front panel has controls for output level and "Bass Range" (high-frequency cut off), as well as switches for "Mode" and "A/V." The A/V switch can be set for Audio (flat frequency response) or to Video, which "enhances the bass frequencies’ response for the thump and excitement of home-theater soundtracks." The P.5’s Mode switch can be set to provide the optimum crossover characteristics for an appropriate Athena Technologies satellite speaker, which in this case is the S.5. When the switch is set to this position, it overrides the Bass Range control and the user need only adjust the output level of the sub to match the volume of the S.5 satellites. Blending satellite speakers with a subwoofer can sometimes be a frustrating process of finding just the right balance of the crossover frequency, output level, and perhaps even placement of the sub. I appreciated having the "S.5" setting for the Mode switch, which greatly simplified this process.
This is one of those tight, musical subs that is ideal for a small or mid-sized listening environment, but not ideal for use in a large room or for music listeners looking for thundering bass. If you'd like to supplement your bookshelf or satellite speakers in a small or medium size room, with tight accurate bass that is present but not overpowering, then this could be the sub for you!
Original MSRP of $375 Canadian. Fantastic Deal for this thoughtfully designed Athena boomer at just $125.

Compact, German Designed Canton 6" Active Subwoofer AS 80 CXCompact, German Designed Canton 6" Active Subwoofer
This Canton AS 80 CX is a front ported, downward firing active subwoofer.

With a driver diameter of 6 inches, this subwoofer is capable of delivering surprisingly powerful and deep bass tones for its ultra compact size.


High and Low level inputs

Variable Crossover (65 Hz - 150 Hz)

Physical On / Off Switch, plus ON/Auto/Off Toggle. (Nice to have both.)


Frequency range: 35 - 140 Hz

Subwoofer RMS power 100 W

Subwoofer driver diameter (imperial): 6 "

Subwoofer weight: 10.3 Kg

Asking just $125 for this ultra compact 6" Subwoofer from respected German Speaker producer, Canton. Perfect for a small room application.
Event S1008" Active, 100 Watt Amplifier (RMS)$125.00

Sony 10" Active Subwoofer w/ Speaker Level Inputs SA-W2500Add some serious bass to your audio system without putting a dent in your budget. Sony's affordable SA-W2500 dishes out room-filling lows, thanks to its 10" woofer and powerful amplifier. You'll enjoy full-bodied sound from your favorite music, and punchy low frequency effects with your favorite movies and video games. Line-level and speaker-level inputs let you connect this subwoofer to virtually any audio system.
Radique's Take: This series of subwoofers from Sony is not particularly impressive to look at, lots of plastic in the construction etc. What *is* impressive is that they seem to have been built to last. Very low failure rate on them compared to even much higher end brands and models. If you're looking for decent sound quality at modest volumes, that should last a long time if treated well, then this Sony might be a great option for you.
Product highlights:
Bass-reflex (ported) enclosure
10" woofer
Amplifier power:
60 watts (rated at 28-200 Hz, 1% THD)
100 watts (rated at 80 Hz, 10% THD)
Frequency response 28-200 Hz
Line-level and speaker-level inputs
Speaker-level outputs
Dimensions: 11-7/16"W x 13-3/4"H x 16-3/8"D
Asking just $125 for this Sony 10" Active subwoofer in very good condition.
Model - Passive SubwoofersDescriptionPrice
Reel Acoustics RSW-810.2125 Watts$125.00
Infinity IMO12143 C 30419Black. Heavy, Higher-Quality Passive Sub. Front Ported. High Level (Speaker Level) inputs and outputs.$75.00
Tannoy EFX5.1Silver. 8" Down-Firing, Front Ported, 100 Watts. 6-8 Ohms. 45Hz - 140Hz$75.00
DaVinci DA-6.1Black. Dual Front-Firing Woofers, Rear Ported, Frequency Response: 30 Hz - 200 Hz, 120 Watts, 8 Ohms. Pass Through for Mains.$65.00
Sharp CP-AT1000SWSilver. 6.25" Down-Firing, Front Ported, 100 Watts. 4 Ohms.$40.00
Akai DHT300SWSilver. Side-Firing, Front Ported 50 Watts, 6 Ohms.$35.00
JVC SP-W53Silver. Side Firing, Front Ported, 52 Watts, 6 Ohms$30.00
Sony SS-WS10Silver. 6.5" Side-Firing, Front Ported, 85 Watts. 4 Ohms.$30.00
RCA RT-2770Black. Front Ported, 150 Watts, 8 Ohms.$25.00
Samsung PS-WZ120Black. Rear-Firing, Front Ported, 6 Ohms.$25.00
Sony SS-WS91Black. 6" Side-Firing, Front Ported, 140 Watts. 3 Ohms.$25.00
RCA RT-2760Silver. 120 Watts, 4 Ohms.$20.00
Samsung PS-WX40Black. Side-Firing, Front Ported, 3 Ohms$20.00