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Consummate 10" 1950 Watt Paradigm Subwoofer Ultracube 10Consummate 10" 1950 Watt (Dynamic Peak) Paradigm Subwoofer in very good condition.
For its size, Paradigm's Ultracube 10 is hands down the best sounding subwoofer we have yet come across, rivaled only by a high end REL from a few years back.
Single high-excursion driver, dual 229-mm (9 in) balanced-plane, high-velocity passive radiators, built-in advanced Class-D™ amplifier. Power output is 1950 watts Dynamic Peak/650 watts RMS.
DESIGN Single high-excursion driver, dual passive radiators, built-in advanced Class-D™ amplifier.
AMPLIFIER 1950 watts Dynamic Peak / 650 watts RMS
AMPLIFIER FEATURES Auto-On / Off, soft clipping, thermal protection, electrical shorting protection
LOW FREQUENCY DRIVER 254-mm (10 in) RCR™ mineral-filled co-polymer polypropylene cone, 38-mm (1-1/2 in) 4-layer voice-coil, dual spiders, AVS™ die-cast heatsink chassis
LOW PASS FILTER FREQUENCY Variable 40 Hz - 150 Hz; Bypass Option
SUB / SAT PHASE ALIGNMENT Variable 0° - 180°
INPUTS RCA (L/R-Mono) for L/R Line-Out or Sub-Out / LFE-Out of receiver, processor or other line-level source
PASSIVE RADIATORS Dual 229-mm (9 in) balanced-plane, high-velocity passive radiators
DIMENSIONS HXWXD (INCLUDES GRILLES AND FEET) 12.9375" × 11.5" × 11.5" (32.9cm × 29.2cm × 29.2cm), WEIGHT 29 lbs. (13.3 kg)
Retailed new for over $1500 with taxes. We normally list Paradigm's excellent Ultracube 10 for $895, but have discounted this one to $795, as it is just shy of our best rating at high volumes. (Still fantastic power and low frequency extension at low and moderate volumes.)

Impressive Tannoy Side-Firing Subwoofer in High Gloss WhiteImpressive Tannoy Side-Firing Subwoofer in High Gloss White
The TS 2.10 draws on Tannoy’s extensive professional and stadium loudspeaker design experience to deliver class-leading low frequency drama and thunderous bass effects. Designed to excel in speed and power, it uses a powerful digital amplifier and two large, long-throw drivers to output extremely fast and deep bass. The design allows considerable LFE output from a compact cabinet, making the TS2 range ideal for a wide range of home cinema systems.
It moves large amounts of air with ease, reproduces fast and lively rhythms with good detail and reaches down to a claimed 24Hz.
It certainly explores deeper basslines with confidence, filling the room in compelling fashion with music and films.
If you take the grilles off, you’ll see that it’s sporting two side-firing 25cm drivers – one is powered by a 300W Class D, while the other is a passive radiator.
The TS2.10 also has variable phase control, which, along with the standard complement of line-level inputs and outputs, is nice to find and makes it easier to integrate with an existing speaker package.
Excellent build and finish - The cabinet is built from heavyweight 25mm MDF, and sports a distinctive high-gloss white finish, well up to coffee-table standard (although we don’t recommend you use it as one).
It’s solidly built too, so nothing rattles when the going gets "explosiony". The TS2.10 is a fantastic subwoofer that delivers dynamic, engaging bass.
Output power: 300 W RMS
Low frequency response (-6 dB): 24 Hz
Inputs: 2 x phono line level, LFE or stereo
Outputs: 2 x phono line level, LFE or stereo
Input filter: 50 - 150 Hz, 2nd order low pass, with bypass provision
Driver type: 10" (250 mm) active & passive ABR
Enclosure type: Closed box, side firing
Enclosure volume: 23.1 litre (0.82 cu. ft.)
Additional features: Variable phase control 0 - 180 degrees
Signal sensing or always on operation
Dimensions H x W x D 390 x 380 x 328 mm (15.4 x 15 x 13")
Radique's Take: We're huge Tannoy fans, and this TS 2.10 is a fantastic example of high quality modern Tannoy design, easily one of the top 5 subs we've encountered this year, receiving our top in-house sound quality rating.
Asking $595 for this great sounding side-firing Tannoy, in very good condition.

60lb Paradigm Active Subwoofer, Made in Canada PS-1000 v3Paradigm's PS-1000 powered subwoofers enhance any music or home theater system by providing deep, tight bass with low distortion and wide dynamic range. Careful matching of DCBS™ dual-cavity bass-shaping enclosures with superior high-power drivers and 175W amplifiers results in sensational performance.
Single driver, DCBS™ system with high velocity resistive ports and built-in amplifier
Amplifier: High-Current, Discrete Output: 525w/175w RMS
Amplifier Design Features: Power-saver auto-on/standby, soft clipping
Bass Driver: 255mm, polypropylene cone, 38 mm (1-1/2 in) voice coil, die-cast chassis
Low Frequency Extension: 25Hz (DIN)*
Subwoofer Cutoff Frequency: Variable 50Hz-150Hz
Line Level Input: From A/V receiver/processor or Paradigm X-Series Subwoofer Control Unit mono-sub out or preamp left/right output
Line Level Input Sensitivity: 100 mV stereo; 200 mV mono
Line Level Input Impedance: 50 k ohms
Speaker Level Input: From receiver/amplifier speaker terminals or main/satellite speaker terminals
Speaker Level Input Sensitivity: 1.5 V stereo
Internal Volume: 57 L/2.0 cuf
Height, Width, Depth: 43 x 44 x 49cm 16-3/4 x 17 x 19in
Weight: 26.5kg / 58lbs
Asking $495 for this very solid Canadian made subwoofers from Paradigm.

High-End 10" NHT Active Subwoofer in High Gloss TenHigh-End 10" NHT Active Subwoofer in High Gloss Piano Finish
This NHT Subwoofer outperforms its conservative power rating, and does so with authority and detail.
From NHT:
"The NHT Ten Subwoofer is a compact, versatile and powerful amplified subwoofer designed to provide low frequency reinforcement for high performance audio and home theater systems."
The Ten features:
• line-level and speaker-level inputs, for connection with all types of receivers or other audio components
• independent gain, phase and low pass filter controls
• boundary control for adjusting system sound for various room placement
System Type: Bass Reflex / Powered - 150 watts Class G Amplifier
Woofer: 10” Aluminum
Frequency Response: 31Hz - 180Hz +/- 3dB
Dimensions: H” x W” x D” 18.125 x 11.25 x 15, Weight: 41lbs
Asking $395 for this high quality, great sounding NHT Ten Subwoofer, in very good condition.

Great Sounding 60 lb Active Paradigm Subwoofer PS-1000PS-1000 (Subwoofer) PS-1000 powered subwoofers enhance any music or home theater system by providing deep, tight bass with low distortion and wide dynamic range.
Careful matching of DCBS™ dual-cavity bass-shaping enclosures with superior high-power drivers and 175W amplifiers results in sensational performance.
Single driver, DCBS™ system with high velocity resistive ports and built-in amplifier
Amplifier: High-Current, Discrete Output: 525w/175w RMS, Amplifier Design Features: Powersaver auto-on/standby, soft clipping
Bass Driver: 255mm, polypropylene cone, 38 mm (1-1/2 in) voice coil, die-cast chassis, Low Frequency Extension: 24Hz (DIN)*, Subwoofer Cutoff Frequency: Variable 50Hz-150Hz
Line Level Input: From A/V receiver/processor or Paradigm X-Series Subwoofer Control Unit mono-sub out or preamp left/right output, Line Level Input Sensitivity: 100 mV stereo; 200 mV mono, Line Level Input impedance: 50 k ohms
Speaker Level Input: From receiver/amplifier speaker terminals or main/satellite speaker terminals, Speaker Level Input Sensitivity: 1.5 V stereo
Dimensions: Internal Volume: 57 L/2.0 cuf, Height, Width, Depth: 43 x 44 x 49cm 16-3/4 x 17 x 19in, Weight: 26.5kg / 58lbs each
Asking $395

PSB 440 Watt Peak 12" Active Subwoofer Subsonic 6Top of the line Subsonic series subwoofer from PSB, boasting 12" Woofer and 440 Watts of peak power handling.
Like most PSB products it offers great performance without breaking the bank. This sub digs pretty deep for its MSRP ($650USD), well into the 20hz region. It utilizes a double circuit design for both fast sonic impact and continuous sustained LF response.
This front-firing dual-ported Sub features high and low level inputs, variable crossover, phase switching,
Frequency range 25-150Hz (LF cutoff 20Hz)
Power 220 watts dynamic, 440 peak
Woofer 12" Poly-coated Fiber Cone
Ports: Type 2 x 2" Bass reflex
Dimensions: (HxWxD) 21x18x16 inches, Weight 50lbs
Asking $395 for this top of the line 12" Active subwoofer from PSB.

B&W 10" Active Subwoofer 280 Watts Peak ASW500Great Sounding B&W Bowers and Wilkins ASW 500 Active Powered Subwoofer
• Integration within a system is made easy with the provision of line or speaker level connections. Like other ASW subwoofers the ASW 500 is an active vented-box design using a 10-inch long-throw driver. Quality low bass is assured by Flowport™ technology.
• The ASW 500 can improve the power handling and sound of any system by reducing the demands on the existing amplification. It is an ideal choice for smaller rooms but where quality cannot be compromised and its versatility allows it to be used both in a Hi-Fi or AV set-up.
• Flowport™: Golf ball aerodynamics theory points the way towards lower distortion reflex ports. Dimples improve the way the air flows over the surface of any object. In the case of reflex ports, they offer a significant improvement over simply flaring the port ends in reducing air flow turbulence at each end of the port; so you get less chuffing noise and less compression at high sound levels.
Amplifier Power: 70 Watts RMS (Conservatively Rated), 280 Watts Peak. System Frequency Response: -3dB at 32Hz and 80Hz
• Enclosure Color Black ash, • Enclosure Material Vinyl
• Grille Material Fabric, • Grille Color Black
Dimensions: Height: 415mm, Width: 353mm, Depth: 401mm, Weight: 12 kg / 26.4 lbs. Internal Volume: 35 litres.
We normally list this model for $395, but have reduced this one to $295 due to its fair cosmetics (6/10). This B&W ASW500 is working perfectly, and sound quality is very good.

Great Sounding Compact Focal 8" Active Subwoofer Cub (2 avail.)Great sounding Compact Focal Active Subwoofer, perfect for use in small or midsize rooms.
Sounds fantastic paired with the matching Focal Sib Speakers.
Description: Compact bass-reflex active subwoofer, 75W built in amplifier,
210mm driver
Driver: 210mm
L.F. (-6dB): 35Hz
Frequency response (+/- 3dB): 45Hz - 150Hz
Crossover frequencies: 50/150 Hz
Inputs, level adjustable: Line-in stereo, High-level in
Outputs: High-level output
Amplifier nominal power (RMS): 75W built in amplifier
Phase: 0° / 180 °
Power function: on/off/standby
Total dimensions (HxWxD): 333mm x 300mm x 300mm, Net weight: 11kg
Includes soft copy of manual in PDF.
(2 Available, 1 in dark grey, 1 in light grey.
Asking $295 for this compact subwoofer from well-respected Focal - JMLab.
Martin Logan 10" Active Subwoofer 360 Watt Peak MLT-2 SubThe MLT-2 Sub made by Martin Logan is a 10" Active Subwoofer boasting 360 Watt Peak performance. It delivers impressive power and bass response in a compact (but solidly built) cabinet.
This Martin Logan features a 10" high-excursion, paper cone, 120 Watt RMS Amplifier, Auto Power On, Variable Low Pass Filter Frequency from 50–200Hz, Left & Right/LFE RCA Line Level inputs, and rated Frequency Response down to 37 Hz.
Dimensions:16" x 11.5" x 15.5" / 32.6 lbs.
Original MSRP of $995 USD as part of a compact but good quality 5.1 System.
Asking $295 Canadian for this great sounding subwoofer in very good cosmetic condition.

Solidly Built 12" PSB Subwoofer, 56 lbs Subsonic IISolidly Built 12" PSB Subwoofer, Weighing in at a hefty 56lbs, Made in Canada
High output 12-inch driver, advanced electronic crossover and dedicated amplifier produce concert-hall (or cinematic levels) of authentic deep bass.
Boasts high and low level inputs, pass through from Pre-Amp to Power-Amp to simplify use with separates not offering dedicated Subwoofer output.
12 inch woofer
Rated for 90 watts RMS
Frequency Response: 28Hz – 150Hz
Variable Response from 50 Hz to 150 Hz
Phase Switching
Dimensions: 16 ¾ x 16 x 16 (inches), Weight: 56 lbs
Asking $295 for this good quality made in Canada 12" Subwoofer from PSB.

Solidly Built JBL Northridge E Series 10" Subwoofer E150PThe Northridge E Series E150P powered subwoofer is just the ticket to bring your home theater system to life. The E150P performs like a pro, with technology developed by JBL's Professional division. Equipped with JBL's tried and true PolyPlas woofer, this subwoofer delivers the low-frequency goods.
Special effects in your favorite movies, assisted by the FreeFlow flared port, are loud and clear, without unwanted distortion or boominess.
An efficient digital amplifier backs up the 10-inch woofer with high-output.
Sturdy gold-plated, 5-way binding posts provide a strong connection that preserves all of the nuances of the original program. Convenient level and crossover-frequency controls and a phase switch let you tailor the E150P's performance to your room acoustics or taste.
10-inch low-frequency PolyPlas woofer, FreeFlow flared port prevents distortion
High-output 150-watt amplifier; 250 watts peak dynamic power
Line level and speaker level inputs with 5-way gold-plated binding posts
Measures 12-1/4 x 17-3/4 x 14-1/2 inches (W x H x D), Weighs 39lbs
Asking $245 for this solidly built JBL Subwoofer
Distinctive, Award-Winning Mission 8" Corner Subwoofer FS1Winner of the prestigious Innovations Design and Engineering Awards from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), The Mission FS1 Subwoofer is a compact corner mount design shaped like one-eighth of a sphere, ideal for use in small rooms where space is at a premium.
The stunningly designed, ultra-modern FS1 offers a high-technology, high-style alternative to traditional box-type home theatre speakers, and opens up a myriad of possibilities for apartment dwellers and homeowners who want to enjoy the complete home theatre experience in any size room.
The 8-inch treated paper cone woofer, built-in 100-watt amplifier, and reflex-tuned enclosure provide the clear, dynamic, articulate bass response necessary for enjoying a movie theatre-like experience at home. The unique subwoofer design is a further demonstration of the innovative engineering philosophy of the Mission fs Series concept. Rather than adopt a traditional cube subwoofer design, with its limited placement capability, the FS1 is designed to allow speaker placement in areas of the room traditionally considered to be ""dead space""--the corners. By engineering the enclosure to take advantage of both floor and wall boundaries, the subwoofer is able to deliver surprisingly powerful bass from a compact, space-saving design.
Sub frequency response: 38Hz to 195Hz
Integrated sub amplifier: 100 watts (PPMS)
Dimensions (HxWxD): 19 x 15 3/4 x 13 1/4 (400x485x335mm), Weight: 35lbs, (15kg)
Sub Finish: Satin silver
Asking $245 for this beautifully designed, great sounding subwoofer from Mission Audio.
Sound Dynamics ASUB-1212" Active, 90 Watt Amplifier (RMS) 360 Watt (Peak)$245.00

Velodyne 150 Watt 10" Active Subwoofer VX-10BExcellent reviews on line for this 10" Forward Firing Velodyne with 150 Watt (Peak) integrated amplifier, and modern looking curved cabinet lines.
Sounds great, even at low volumes, and the Auto-on/off feature is a real convenience.
10" woofer (7.65" piston diameter)
Adjustable low pass crossover 50Hz to 200Hz
Forward-firing, rear-ported, bass-reflex cabinet
Class D efficient amplifier
Precision-machined voice coil gap and large 1.6" copper voice coil (2lb magnet).
Frequency response: 33Hz to 140Hz, ±3dB
Full-range speaker-level pass-through
0 to 180° phase
RCA line level, LFE, and speaker level inputs
Left and right speaker level full-range pass-through
Dimensions: Depth: 17", Height: 12", Width: 12", Weight 35lbs.
Definitely hard to go wrong with a Velodyne Sub. They are consistently good value and performance.
Asking just $245 for this great sounding Velodyne in very good condition.

Great Sounding Compact B&W Subwoofer w/ 6.5" Woofer AS1Great Sounding Compact B&W Subwoofer with 6.5" Woofer
The AS1 subwoofer is an active, entry-level subwoofer equipped with an 85-watt amplifier. Bass extension passes through a 6.5-inch woofer with a frequency range of 27Hz to 100Hz and also has a selectable music/movie mode. The music/movie switch operates easily for precise presentation of material with a frequency response of 34-75Hz (music) and 27-75Hz (movie). This switch is a unique offering in a subwoofer, as is its location: conveniently, along with the volume level switch, on the top surface of the sub, other than on the rear panel where many other subwoofer brands offer their controls.
Many bass cabinets have "turbulence" in and out of the tuning port. The Flowport design uses golf ball aerodynamics to smooth the airflow and reduce acoustic interference. The AS1 has a fit, unobtrusive appearance and is offered in a contemporary silver finish with gray grille.
Compact B&W AS1 Subwoofer
85-watt vented box enclosure
6.5" woofer
Frequency range: -6dB at 27Hz and 100Hz
(music/movie mode)
Inputs: Line in (RCA/phono), speaker level in
Outputs: Line out (RCA/phono), speaker level out
Dimensions: 14.9" T x 9.8" W x15.2" D, Weight: 24.2 lbs.
Asking $225 for this great sounding compact B&W Subwoofer.
Nuance S10010" Active, Down-Firing$225.00
D-BOX DAVID-302 *with different woofers12" Active, 100 Watt Amplifier (RMS), 300 Watts (Peak)$195.00

Attractive, Modern Looking Mirage 8" Nanosat Subwoofer NANO SubGreat sounding compact subwoofer from Mirage. (2 Available)
The Nano Sub is the smallest member of the new line of subwoofers from Mirage. The high and low level inputs allow integration with virtually any home theater or stereo system in a small, mid-sized, or even a fairly large room.
The 8-inch down-firing woofer features new, patented surround technology – the Ribbed Elliptical Surround™. This technology eliminates surround distortion, which allows for greater efficiency, and enables the Nano Sub to play tremendously deep at high volume levels.
The bottom line is - a subwoofer with much lower distortion for cleaner, more musical bass. The Nano Sub delivers louder, lower and cleaner bass output than any sub anywhere near it's price
Small and powerful subwoofer
Offers high and low level inputs.
Eight-inch, down-firing, titanium woofer features Ribbed Elliptical Surround
Delivers deep, rich bass tones even at high volume levels
Internal amplifier power of 75 Watts RMS
Nominal Output Power 75 Watt, Max Output Power 300 Watt
Rated Frequency Response 30 - 120 Hz
Dimensions: Width 11.7 in, Depth 13.5 in, Height 13.5 in, Weight 20.06 lbs
2 Available. Asking just $195 each for this attractive and great sounding compact Mirage subwoofer.

Paradigm 10" Active Subwoofer Cin 110CT Sub v3 (2 Available)Recent model Paradigm 10" Active subwoofer in good condition.
2 available. 1 in silver/grey and 1 in black finish.
Its built-in, advanced, high-power discrete amplifier provides high-current, low-distortion power. Advanced fiber-reinforced cone ensures clean, clear extended bass performance with tremendous output and superb control, while high-velocity low-noise ports with critically flared openings supply maximum output efficiency and minimal turbulence distortion. The Cinema 110 CT subwoofer’s high-density hardboard enclosure limits panel resonances for clean, tight bass performance.
Low Frequency Driver: 254-mm (10 in) fiber-reinforced cone, 51-mm (2 in) voice coil, oversized magnet
Built-in Amplifier rated at 150 Watt RMS / 450 Watt Peak output.
Control Facilities:
• Auto On, • Subwoofer Level, • Subwoofer Cut-Off Frequency (continuously variable 50 Hz – 200 Hz), • Subwoofer Phase Switch
Input Facilities:
• Line-level Input
Dimensions: HxWxD 16.25" × 12" × 15", Weights: 37lbs
2 available. 1 in silver/grey and 1 in black finish.
Asking $195 each for these 10" Paradigm Subwoofer in good condition.
Mirage BPS-1008" Active, 75 Watt Amplifier, 300 Watts (Peak)$175.00
PSB 8" Active Subwoofer, Made in Canada Alpha SubZeroGreat-sounding powered 8" Subwoofer from PSB, made in Canada.
This solid sub features a built-in 50 Watt RMS amplifier (180 Watt Peak) and Response bandwidth from 40 - 150 Hz.
Controls: Subwoofer cut frequency, Volume, Power on/off, Subwoofer phase
This subwoofer boasts both 1.0 x Audio line-in ( RCA phono x 2 ) and 2.0 x Speakers input ( Click-fit x 2 ) with gold plated connectors.
Dimensions: (WxDxH) 9.6 in x 13.9 in x 13.3 in, Weight: 21.4 lbs
MSRP of $399. Great deal at just $175 for this made in Canada subwoofer from PSB.

Athena 8" Active Subwoofer M225Great looking 8" Powered Subwoofer from Athena. (Sister brand to Energy, Mirage, Sound Dynamics, Sinclair)
● Woofer: 8" High Excursion Injection Molded Poly-Cone
● Down Firing, Bass Reflex Active Subwoofer
● Frequency Response: 30 Hz - 100 Hz
● 75 Watts RMS, 225 Watts Peak Amplifier
● Preset Crossover Control
● Dimensions: 16.75" x 9.4" x 14.2"
● Weight: 10 kg (22 lbs)
Asking just $145.

Attractive Athena 6.5" Subwoofer in Cherry Finish P1Attractive Athena 6.5" Active Subwoofer in Cherry Finish
The P1's distinctive form factor makes it an ideal platform for a center speaker. It boasts a 75 watt amp powering a 6 1/2-inch woofer in a front-ported enclosure and offers two pairs of speaker-level inputs and outputs (offering considerable wiring flexibility) and a line-level RCA input, should you opt for a subwoofer feed from your preamp or receiver.
On the front of the sub cabinet are the standard bass-level control and bass-range control to adjust frequency rolloff (continuously variable between 50 and 150 hertz), and a Blend switch that reverses polarity to help accommodate for different speaker locations and listening-room anomalies.
As this is a compact sub with a modestly powered and relatively small woofer, we'd recommend it for deployment in a small - medium sized room for use at low and moderate volumes.
Asking $145 for this attractive subwoofer from Canadian speaker brand, Athena.

Energy 8" 200 Watt Active Subwoofer ESW-8An ideal combination of technology, performance and design, the Energy ESW-8 subwoofer affordably brings a deep, tuneful bottom end to home theater and two-channel music systems.
A bass-reflex design with a front-firing port, the ESW-8 employs an 8-inch MPP cone with patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround. This proprietary design eliminates surround distortion, enabling the subwoofer to play lower with greater output and fidelity. An efficient internal power amplifier enables this hard-hitter to deliver 200 watts of output for accurate, deep and powerful bass response. The ESW-8 features line and speaker level inputs as well as a variable low-pass filter for seamless blending with a wide variety of speakers, including Energy's C-Series and Take Series.
The subwoofer also has a power mode switch that enables it to turn on and off automatically, based on the presence or absence of an audio signal. In addition to reaching deeper and hitting harder, the ESW-8 features a classic black ash finish that fits comfortably into any living environment.
Single bass-reflex design subwoofer with front-firing port
8" MMP Cone with patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround technology
Power output: 200 Watts
Frequency Response: 33Hz-150Hz +/- 3dB
Inputs: Line In/Sub In and Speaker Level In
Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 12", Weight: 22.6 lbs.
Asking just $145 for this attractive, Canadian made subwoofer.
Harman Kardon SUB-TS1510" Active, 100 Watt Amplifier (RMS), 200 Watts (Peak)$145.00
Infinity TSS-110012" Active, 250 Watts$145.00

JBL Downward Firing 8" Active Subwoofer Sub136JBL Downward Firing 8" Active Subwoofer
Great looking 8" Powered subwoofer from JBL in very good condition with deep, musical bass.
Volume control
Offers low level and LFE inputs.
Amplifier: 100 Watts RMS
Woofer: 8" (200mm)
Enclosure: Bass reflex
Dimensions (H x W x D) 15" x 13" x 14" (381mm x 330mm x 356mm), Weight: 30 lb/13.6kg
Asking just $145 for this downward firing JBL subwoofer

Polk Audio Downward Firing 8" Active Subwoofer PSW120Polk Audio Downward Firing 8" Active Subwoofer
The PSW120 features:
Downward firing Dynamic Balance® subwoofer driver for deep, low distortion bass
Twin, rear firing bass ports for high output performance
High and low level inputs allows easy connection to any system
Volume level, crossover and phase controls allow you to optimize performance with any main speaker and room acoustics
High current amplifier with auto on/off circuit
Overload protection circuitry for safe, high volume performance
Cabinet Dimensions: 13 3/8"H x 9 1/2"W x 18"D, 34cm H x 24.1cm W x 45.7cm D
Overall Frequency Response: 35Hz - 160Hz
Subwoofer Amplifier Power: 90 watts
Inputs: speaker and line level, Outputs: speaker level
Crossover Frequency: adjustable 80Hz - 160Hz
Enclosure Type: direct radiating, vented
Asking $145 for this well-equipped downward firing 8" subwoofer from Polk Audio

Yamaha YST-SW120$145.00

Compact, German Designed Canton 6" Active Subwoofer AS 80 CXCompact, German Designed Canton 6" Active Subwoofer
This Canton AS 80 CX is a front ported, downward firing active subwoofer.

With a driver diameter of 6 inches, this subwoofer is capable of delivering surprisingly powerful and deep bass tones for its ultra compact size.


High and Low level inputs

Variable Crossover (65 Hz - 150 Hz)

Physical On / Off Switch, plus ON/Auto/Off Toggle. (Nice to have both.)


Frequency range: 35 - 140 Hz

Subwoofer RMS power 100 W

Subwoofer driver diameter (imperial): 6 "

Subwoofer weight: 10.3 Kg

Asking just $125 for this ultra compact 6" Subwoofer from respected German Speaker producer, Canton. Perfect for a small room application.
Event S1008" Active, 100 Watt Amplifier (RMS)$125.00

Compact Subwoofer from Jamo, Made in Denmark E 4SUB.1Compact, Downward Firing Subwoofer from Jamo, Made in Denmark
Jamo's E 4SUB.1 is a small elegant cube-like subwoofer that`s easy to place in any room.
Features a custom designed 8in woofer and a built-in 70 watt amplifier with variable level and cut-off frequency controls.
Can be placed almost anywhere as the human ear is not able to localize where the deepest audible frequencies come from.
Type: E 4SUB.1
System: Active subwoofer BassReflex
Woofer: 203 mm (8``)
Amp. Rated output: 70W
Frequency range: 45 - 150 Hz
Upper cutoff frequency: Adj. 70 - 150 Hz
Maximum SPL: 100 dB
Dimensions: 34.6 x 31.5 x 34.5 cm
If you're looking for a compact, musical subwoofer to enjoy at moderate volumes, this Jamo might be a great option for you at just $125.

Sony 10" Active Subwoofer w/ Speaker Level Inputs SA-W2500Add some serious bass to your audio system without putting a dent in your budget. Sony's affordable SA-W2500 dishes out room-filling lows, thanks to its 10" woofer and powerful amplifier. You'll enjoy full-bodied sound from your favorite music, and punchy low frequency effects with your favorite movies and video games. Line-level and speaker-level inputs let you connect this subwoofer to virtually any audio system.
Radique's Take: This series of subwoofers from Sony is not particularly impressive to look at, lots of plastic in the construction etc. What *is* impressive is that they seem to have been built to last. Very low failure rate on them compared to even much higher end brands and models. If you're looking for decent sound quality at modest volumes, that should last a long time if treated well, then this Sony might be a great option for you.
Product highlights:
Bass-reflex (ported) enclosure
10" woofer
Amplifier power:
60 watts (rated at 28-200 Hz, 1% THD)
100 watts (rated at 80 Hz, 10% THD)
Frequency response 28-200 Hz
Line-level and speaker-level inputs
Speaker-level outputs
Dimensions: 11-7/16"W x 13-3/4"H x 16-3/8"D
Asking just $125 for this Sony 10" Active subwoofer in very good condition.

Made in Canada Sound Dynamics 8" Subwoofer RTS-800Made in Canada Sound Dynamics RTS-800 subwoofer in very good condition.
It has an 8 inch driver,100 watts RMS and 400 watts peak.
High level, low level, and XOver inputs, auto-power.
Made by the same company that makes Energy speakers and is identical to the Energy exl:8 sub.
This particular Sound Dynamics model is fine for home theater use and moderate or lower volumes, but likely not fast/accurate enough for music applications.
Asking just $125 for this Canadian made subwoofer in good condition.
Model - Passive SubwoofersDescriptionPrice
Reel Acoustics RSW-810.2125 Watts$125.00
Infinity IMO12143 C 30419Black. Heavy, Higher-Quality Passive Sub. Front Ported. High Level (Speaker Level) inputs and outputs.$75.00
Tannoy EFX5.1Silver. 8" Down-Firing, Front Ported, 100 Watts. 6-8 Ohms. 45Hz - 140Hz$75.00
DaVinci DA-6.1Black. Dual Front-Firing Woofers, Rear Ported, Frequency Response: 30 Hz - 200 Hz, 120 Watts, 8 Ohms. Pass Through for Mains.$65.00
Sharp CP-AT1000SWSilver. 6.25" Down-Firing, Front Ported, 100 Watts. 4 Ohms.$40.00
Akai DHT300SWSilver. Side-Firing, Front Ported 50 Watts, 6 Ohms.$35.00
JVC SP-W53Silver. Side Firing, Front Ported, 52 Watts, 6 Ohms$30.00
Sony SS-WS10Silver. 6.5" Side-Firing, Front Ported, 85 Watts. 4 Ohms.$30.00
RCA RT-2770Black. Front Ported, 150 Watts, 8 Ohms.$25.00
Samsung PS-WZ120Black. Rear-Firing, Front Ported, 6 Ohms.$25.00
Sony SS-WS91Black. 6" Side-Firing, Front Ported, 140 Watts. 3 Ohms.$25.00
RCA RT-2760Silver. 120 Watts, 4 Ohms.$20.00
Samsung PS-WX40Black. Side-Firing, Front Ported, 3 Ohms$20.00